Products unearthed around the world for you gentlemen


Our team unearths, tests and selects the treatments used by the most renowned barbers across the planet. A fine and demanding selection, bringing together only the crème de la crème for Gentleman: cult and essential brands like Reuzel and Uppercut, but also more secret and confidential brands like Robin Tauer, Daimon Barber, Noberu or The Bearded chap.


Maintain your beard like a professional barber

We have selected the best care to maintain his beard: beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, precision shaving gel for the contours of the beard, comb and brush to detangle the beard ... the essentials for maintaining his beard daily !

Is your beard (very) dry? Our team has found specific oils for dry and very dry beards. Care with intense hydration for the hair and skin, eliminating tightness of the skin and dandruff, while providing softness and flexibility to the beard.

How to maintain a short beard? Take a look at our selection of short beard treatments, with oils and beard balms specially formulated for short beards. Light oils and balms that quickly penetrate the hair and skin, while making the beard softer and silky.

Bearded men who want beard contours "trimmed" will also find their happiness! A beard trimmed with extreme precision thanks to our selection of shaving gels and shaving oils specially designed to trace the contours of the beard. Transparent care, which provides perfect glide and increased skin protection


An authentic, state-of-the-art shave

We have selected the best shaving products in the world: shaving soap, shaving gel, shaving cream, shaving brush, after shave cream, after shave balm ... Discover the essentials for a quality shave!


Hair waxes for all styles

For a rockabilly and vintage side, opt for a wax that offers shine and good hold like Reuzel hair waxes. A natural and flexible style? Uppercut and Daimon Barber hair waxes will surprise you!


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